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Senior Pet Care Services


Pets age roughly 5-7 times faster than humans. It’s vital to test every year to screen for diseases and conditions. By testing, your doctor will be able to identify critical patterns in your pet’s biological make-up. Ultimately, early detection will enable an accurate diagnosis faster, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in tests and critical care.

Senior wellness (greater than 7 years of age) is vital to keeping your beloved companion happy and healthy and ensuring their quality of life. Older pets need special tests and exams to catch age-related diseases such as diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, Cushing’s, and others. In addition to the detailed physical exam and diagnostic blood work and urine testing, our veterinarians may also recommend an ultrasound, electrocardiograph (ECG), or radiographs (x-rays). Overall, we will assign testing your pet with the most modern breakthroughs. New tests and treatments for animals are discovered every day.

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